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You Asked, We Answered

First Most Important Question, How Much It Cost.

We charge the lowest in the nation, $ 6.00 per Square foot plus any travel expenses, remember we can go anywhere in the USA and maybe out of the country if you are willing to pay our expenses, no problem.

What type of ceilings can you do?

We can do any. Flat, popcorn, acoustic, vaulted and even beamed ceilings. 

How much clean up is involved, will there be a mess? 

I don't use gallons of paint and a roller to paint the ceiling. The only paint used is the rare earth paint used to paint the stars. The method is proprietary, so we can't talk about the process, but we can tell you that the paint is water-based, leaves no lasting odor, no clean up, and will last for years, at least over 20. 

I have a ceiling light, what happens with the ceiling light afterwards? 

There is no need to remove the light. When the room is dark, the lamp will recede and not be noticed in front of the stars. The same with ceiling fans, they are no obstacle to the process. When the fan is on, it merely feels like a cool breeze coming from the starry night sky. 

Can you describe what it will look like when the job is finished? 

Well, you have to really see it to get the real effect, and we can give you an idea of the effect by scheduling a free in-home demonstration. But roughly, the illusion gives you the effect of your roof being taken completely off, and you see the view as if your house was high up in the mountains where the sky is crystal clear. A dark, rich sky full of thousands of stars is revealed. And there is a real 3-D effect. Many clients tell me they can see the stars twinkling when looking at the ceiling for a while, they tell me it's actually much better than the real sky, especially if you live near a city of any size. 

How soon does it take to start glowing? 

Well, all that is needed is to have the lights on for 15 minutes. Even the glow of a TV will suffice, and once the lights are turned out you will see the night sky above you. After a few minutes as your eyes become accustomed to the dark, the effect truly comes into full effect. 

How dark must the room be? What if there is a light on in the hallway? 

The darker, the better really. A simple pull down shade for a window, or closing the door to the hallway really provides the best possible effect. 

How long will the stars glow? 

Our Super-3 Creation Paint™ glows for up to an hour and is brightest in the first 15 minutes. It slowly fades as the star gazer falls asleep. Great for young children's rooms. As the stars dim, it makes their little eyes slam shut so they can get some sleep. Parents like that benefit! The Super-10 Creation Paint glows all night and is brightest in the first couple of hours. 

How much does it cost? 

Prices depend on application and size and all projects are quoted individually as no two jobs are the same. Please call me or email me to set up a free, in home demonstration. I'll get all the information I need to give you an accurate estimate. I'm sure you'll be delighted. 

Is it those "glow in the dark stickers" I've seen in novelty shops? 

No! Your STARSCAPES® F/X painting is custom-painted by me. (a licensed STARSCAPES® Professional Artist-Illusionist). I use rare earth phosphorescent paint that is mixed especially for me.

I have seen glow paints at some stores, are they the same kind you use? 

No, it certainly is not the same paint we use. As noted above, the paint I use is mixed and used exclusively by STARSCAPES® F/X Artists. The professional grade phosphorescent pigments used in my paints glows at least 10 times brighter and longer than mass produced paints you will find sold at some retail stores. For this reason it is no wonder why glow paint sold at some retail stores does not mention glow time or brightness! With exclusive STARSCAPES® paints your mural will glow all night long and is brightest in the first few hours. As the saying goes " you get what you pay for". With your STARSCAPES® F/X painting, not only are you getting our exclusive super glowing paint, you are also getting the artistry, expertise and the STARSCAPES® name behind it! 

​Do I need to remove or cover all of my furniture when you paint? 

Usually there is no need at all to remove any of your furniture as long as there is enough room to move a stepladder around. No room preparation is necessary since the painting process is not messy at all. We do ask that you temporarily remove any valuables and any breakable items from the room before the job. 

How do you actually paint the ceilings—can we watch? 

The paints we use, and the method we use are proprietary, and we guard our trade secrets with vigilance. Otherwise, we would be out of business. The methods and materials used are part of a process of perfection and a journey. All STARSCAPES® Licensed Artists are under contract never to reveal the secrets behind the illusion. We hope you understand the reasoning behind it, but sorry, no, you can't watch 


"People are so amazed! I love stargazing while relaxing in bed!" 
​- Allen W.

"I spent over an hour just staring at it. Now my kids want one too!" - Mike B.

"I can't believe it. This is impossible! I'm amazed and totally stunned with it- it looks so real! The minor stars even seem to twinkle." - Anthony 

"Looks REAL good. Very authentic! And the depth perception really is there. How do you get the stars in their proper positions?" - Renee C.

"I'm glad I don't have vertigo. Your Lost in Space Fantasy gives me the feeling of walking in space!" - Jody S.

"I can't believe how realistic it is! The stars are soothing, relaxing, and romantic. Once you have Starscapes put in your home, you will never want to be without them." - Karey S.​​

Hope we can serve you and make your ceilings a masterpiece.

Thank you for visiting our website

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